The Hive

So one the subjects that im taking this semester is Environmental Psychology and for the very first assignment, the task that was given was to create some thing for an interior space made from recycled materials and products. So i was searching through countless of design blogs for some source of inspiration and i finally settled on one, which is the bee hive. The hexagonal shapes inspired me to do some kind of a furniture made out of modular triangular structure and when arranged correctly, will become hexagonal in shape.

So i decided to use corrugated cardboard because it was one of the easiest materials that i could get. Corrugated cardboard is used as one of the most fundamental items in packaging, the humble cardboard box. Used extensively throughout the world, cardboard boxes are the backbone of most transit packaging. Corrugated cardboard may at first seem like a very bad resource for use in eco-friendly packaging materials, (destruction of forests, destroying eco-systems) but this is not strictly true, as many of the paper based materials in use are cut from sustainable woodlands. Aside from this, all cardboard boxes can be reused & recycled. This means that less resources are used in the future, as recycled corrugated cardboard can be used in making further cardboard boxes, and re-use of boxes ensures maximum life-span of the original materials.


THE HIVE TABLE is constructed based on the inspiration of the bee hive. Created entirely from scrap pieces of corrugated cardboard, this coffee table is built to be sturdy, witty and an excellent option for those looking for a coffee table that will get your guests talking. The screw-free HIVE TABLE is extremely lightweight and is built to a circular configuaration made from pieces of triangular shaped modular cardboard that has been individually cut and glued by hand. The design enhances the decor of your living as well as working spaces, while the cardboard finish makes the designer coffee table affordable and green.











We’ve finally completed our first assignment yeay! =D This is for the Interior Design 2 class and our task was to build a one to one scale based on the study of an animal habitat. So in our case, it is about the weaver bird. If you guys are not sure what and how they look like, you know what to do. 🙂 So we designed this based on the manipulation of the weaving of the nest, and turned it into interlocking modular system instead. The whole thing is made from cushion foam, and we had the pvc pipe painted over with white as the main structure. Alot of hard work for this thing. Not to mention the money spent for this one project. -___-‘ Design students, man we use a hell lot of money for our assignments. 😦

Anyway here are some picture from the day we presented. 🙂

This is the snail group’s work 🙂 Pretty cool cause it can be closed and open, depending if you wanna have the privacy, or not.

The other weaver bird’s group work

The termites…

And lastly, the butterfly.

Feeling the Degree Blood.


My gosh it has been a super super busy week! Im feeling the weight of degree now. This is such a huge change from diploma. As for some that dont know, im an advance standing student so that means that i entering degree straight into the 3rd semester. However, there’s two more remaining subjects that ive gotta take up and because of this, my schedule is pretttttty packed. So 6 subjects all together now. *sigh* I really hope ill get to pull all of this together. It feels very daunting and scary cause i really know know what to expect from the lecturers. So far the lessons has been quite exciting. The only problem that im having now is trying to juggle both between my student life as well as my social life. Im staying at home now since im in Taylor’s. Pretty near to home just that the traffic jam in the morning, god it’s crazy. Having to wake up 6.00am everyday since most of my classes start at 8 and stay up all the way till 2am just to settle my work for the next day. Phew! The campus is amazing. Im living in one of my “tiny dreams of studying in Taylor’s” lol, that sounds lame. 😛

ImageWell, that’s all for now. Gotta update my other blog that i have to do as part of my creative journal for my Creative Thinking class with Mr Charles, aka Mr C. Cool lecturer. Ill update more about that on the other side. If youre curious, here’s the link. But please bare with me cause it’s still very new. Until next time. 🙂

Good Times, For A Change

My new year’s eve celebration was.. how do i say this..simply delightful. :3 We decided to curl away from the crowd and noisy places and agreed to just spend GOOD QUALITY time with the closest of friends, at lemonlime’s. Amazingly that afternoon when we went to Sunway (just to kill us all some time) the road wasn’t jammed! Pergi dan balik, all the way from subang to sunway, from sunway to upstairs and finally to taman tun. Clear!

Spent the night playing dancing games on the PS3 while munching on pizza the boys brought us and soon near to midnight, headed over to the park one row after lemon’s to hopefully catch glimpse of fireworks from One Utama or Curve. Mr Architect made it jussst in time for the fireworks 🙂 Funniest part of the whole shebang at the park was that Dee was screaming out “Wooooo!! Katy Perrry i love you so much!!!” when the fireworks were blasting in the sky from where we guessed was from Curve. That awkward moment when all the pak ciks and mak ciks were puzzled to hear that motion on new year’s. 🙂

I dont really have any new year’s resolution that ive set for this year.. i dont think ive ever had any list that ive truly crossed out entirely.. *shrug* Well, what ever comes, everything will be significantly meaningful. The only dreadful part of having to deal with the new year of 2012 is that it is the year that everybody I love is leaving me behind to pursue their study overseas )’:

So many things happened… changed last year, but it was all for good. 2011 had been kind, so i hope that this year, it’ll be even better. Whatever comes, i’ll be ready for you 2012.

The Afterglow


Hi guys, it’s been way too long hasn’t it? Wanna know what’s the newest thing going on with me? Well…. ive graduated diploma! *throws confetti weeee~* Well uhh, technically sort of.. not really, cause my convocation is not until early next year. Ho humm.. gotta wait another few month till i can finally wear that robe with the hat and make myself look like Darth Vader or dark priest graduating. Meow :B So anyway, i sort  of promised myself and not to mention a countless of people that once im done with my finals, i should get my focus on back on trying to “frequently” update this blog and also brush up on my photography yang sudah karat. So sad, i can’t recall the last time i actually planned for one. Perhaps it was that photoshoot assignment taken at my college studio? Damn, that was like… eras ago. Tsk tsk Hanis, apa sudah jadi? Dulu bukan main lagi berhajat nak kesana-kesini bila dah dapat kereta sendiri konon tak payah nak depend sesiapa nak pergi shoots.. heh semua harapan. Hanis, you lie! Hmm. Okay, i hope i could build up and hopefully sustain my momentum this time around…. Anyone free let’s go plan something! Let’s work something out it’ll be fun 🙂

I actually have a lot of things in my head right now but i can’t seem to properly grasps each and every thought. It’s like one big jumbled blob of random feelings and emotions all into one. I think that’s the reason my i stopped blogging all these while… whenever i try to write it all down, words seems to float aways from my brain.. one by one. Evaporated like dry ice intact with water. Okay apa benda merepek ni?

Dah lah, i think i should just update you guys about my recent graduate showcase that was held last weekend, at Tropicana City Mall. The theme was called Art Banditism to represent our movement of freedom to create art. Art comes in many form and creativity. The concept symbolizes resistant movement for the freedom of art. All of our respective majors have our very own ways of preparation to execute and build up creative ideas and concept. Through this showcase; we intend to manifest our learning journey designers in the fast growing industry. In other words, to showcase our works to the public and future employers of the design industry..

We had 3 months to plan everything, but biasalah we ended up doing things to the very last minute. Semua dah gelabah nak dekat to date of the event baru kerja segala benda nak gerak. God knows berapa kali they changed the poster design for the showcase. Seriously it was tiring waiting for the final confirmation of it. Sebab kalau main design tak selected, semua yang lain tak boleh nak proceed. Biasa lah tu kan? Terpaksa revise design over and over and OVER again. *starts whistling* Somehow, somewhat going through all of these makes it so much more emotional cause there was a sudden realization that we were all actually soon leaving SEGi. Dua setengah tahun duduk kat Kota Damansara, from staying at Cova Villa to Venus Residence.. i am leaving all of this. *sniff sniff*

What’s the next step? Perhaps im going to go find a job while waiting for the degree intakes. I received a job interview the following day after the showcase from Mentari Alam and they were looking for a 3D Visualser but i declined the offer due to the office location. Dude, Jalan Klang Lama dude. Jauh nya tak sanggup nak redah Federal Highway setiap pagi and petang ke sana. No no no. So i hope one day nanti i’d get a better offer and the location isnt too far from Subang… Kalau all the way to KL, susah tu…